REVERE Drops the Soul-Stirring "RED (O The Blood)"


Introducing REVERE's newest single, "RED (O The Blood)," written by Becca Folkes - a soul-stirring rendition that pierces through the noise of our day-to-day distractions, guiding us back to the heart of worship.

Born from a collaboration with Dwan Hill & Johan Asgard, this song dives deep into the sacred essence of Jesus' sacrifice, focusing not just on the redemption He offers but on the profound love and surrender of the One who bled for us. With a simple yet profoundly moving melody, this song is a call to deep consecration, inviting the listener to live fully in the light of the sacrifice made for us. Discover the beauty of "RED (O The Blood)" and allow it to renew your reverence towards the Triune God and His boundless grace. 

Listen to "RED (O The Blood)" HERE.

REVERE is a growing movement and collective of worship leaders and church leaders who are artists, songwriters, and content creators focusing on restoring the humble and honoring nature of worship. It is a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multigenerational community of believers. 

REVERE's hope is to gently help steer the Church away from a production culture where the emphasis can mistakenly become a love for worship, to a reverential culture where the focus is a love for Christ. 

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