New Life Worship Reminds Us that Jesus is "Where the Story Ends"

New Life Worship

From the deep wells of personal transformation and the shared journeys of faith, New Life Worship introduces "Where the Story Ends." The song reminds us that King Jesus is the ultimate prize and that the culmination of our stories ends in the presence of God.

Written by Eddie Hoagland, Kyle Smith, and Jason Ingram, this anthem embodies the unwavering hope found in God's promise. Eddie says, "It's a song that helps me believe that one day God will make all wrong things right. What we are walking through here on earth isn't the end of the story. So, we put our hope in God when things don't make sense to us."

Join New Life Worship on a journey of renewal as they invite listeners to anchor themselves in the unshakable truth of God's love and the enduring promise of God's sovereignty. 

Listen to "Where the Story Ends" HERE.

New Life Worship is a collective of worship leaders and musicians that serve at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. With a rich history of serving the church with songs like "Strong God," "Great I Am," "I Am Free," and "Here In Your Presence," New Life Worship are stepping into a fresh season of new songs being birthed in the church. They exist to nourish a biblically faithful, historically rooted, musically skilled, and vibrantly prophetic multi-generational worship culture with a focus on encountering the living God - both in the "here and now" and in the confidence of what is to come.

New Life Worship's voice is communal, formed with the belief that their collective efforts yield more than just the sum of their individual contributions. They work at shaping their songs to bring formation to the soul with a message that is packaged in beauty and creativity, seeking to make their voice ancient and new.

Ancient by honoring and referencing rich church history and those who have gone before us. New, knowing that in the Hebrew texts of the Psalms, God desires new songs to be emanating from his people. This is a new day for New Life Worship. May the Holy Spirit move and breathe life into His Church!



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