Lauren, Amber & Kenna's "Take Me To The Water" Tells of Renewal Through the River of Life

Lauren, Amber & Kenna

For their fourth single on Horizon Records, Southern Gospel "supergroup" Lauren (Talley), Amber (Eppinette Saunders) & Kenna (Turner West) serve up a simmering take on an evergreen call that resounds through decades of American gospel music: "take me to the water." Co-written by Kenna Turner West, whose soulful lead is complemented by vivid harmonies from Lauren and Amber, "Take Me To The Water" is a modern evocation of baptism rife with echoes of the past.

"As a co-writer on the song," says Kenna, "we were basically trying to tell a story of salvation - from hearing that there is 'living water' that can satisfy the thirsty soul, to receiving the invitation to come and drink freely from the 'River of Life,' to following a profession of faith in Jesus Christ with baptism. It's all there, and what a celebration it turned out to be!"

Beginning with a subtle yet insistent rhythm section groove, "Take Me To The Water" quickly zeroes in on Turner West's nuanced vocal as she serves up the emblematic first verse:

My soul is thirsty and I don't know why
But everything seems dusty and dry
But I heard there's something that satisfies
So take me to the water

Musical tension builds through the second verse, until a fuller sound - and those rich harmonies - launch the inspirational chorus:

Take me to the water
The river of life
Take me to the water
That satisfies
I need a healing flood so take me
To the water

Fulfilling the promise first made in the informal singing sessions that planted the idea of recording this special grouping, "Take Me To The Water" offers unmistakable proof that the trio of Lauren, Amber & Kenna knows as well as anyone how to link Gospel music's past, present and future in an inspirational message of redemption.

Listen to "Take Me To The Water" HERE.



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