Chonda Pierce Releasing New Film, "Roll With It"

Chonda Pierce

On March 26, 2024, Shout! Studios will release the highly anticipated comedy feature ROLL WITH IT, starring the groundbreaking comedic icon Chonda Pierce, on Digital, available for purchase and/or rent across all major entertainment platforms in North America. This laugh-out-loud comedy film weaves an inspiring story of strength, survival, family values and faith, with Pierce playing a single mother who, with help from her friends, readjusts to life after the loss of her husband.

Written and directed by Chris Dowling (Blue MiracleAcidman), Pierce leads an impressive cast that includes Judith Hoag (ArmageddonNashville), McKaley Miller (Ma, Scream Queens), Evan Hofer (General HospitalDwight in Shining Armor), Carl McDowell (BallersHolidate), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Bringing Back ChristmasFamily Camp) and other notables.

For Pierce, ROLL WITH IT is the latest project in a career whose highlights include platinum-certified comedy albums, regular performances at the Grand Ole Opry, and five Daytime Emmy nominations. She isn't just the film's lead actress. She's one of its main creators, too, writing the original script with her late husband David Pierce, and serving as executive producer with her longtime manager, Andrew Tenenbaum. Christian music legend Michael W. Smith, Shari Rigby, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and others make cameo appearances, but the real star of ROLL WITH IT is Chonda Pierce, who empowers her viewers to share the same roll-with-it resilience as her character, Bonnie Taylor. Produced by Ben Howard, J. Clarke Gallivan, and Ken Carpenter, ROLL WITH IT has already delighted movie audiences and fans when the film premiered in theaters across the U.S. as a three-day event by Fathom Events. Moreover, the film garnered the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at Dallas International Film Festival.

Movie Synopsis

ROLL WITH IT is a music-filled and heartfelt comedy built around southern comedy icon Chonda Pierce, who is beloved for her gut-level honesty and pointed humor. If laughter is the best medicine, Chonda's character Bonnie Taylor could use an extra dose or two. Not only is she dealing with an unexpected demotion at her job at the Biscuit Barrel and a young new boss willing to match her snark-for-snark, she also discovers her house will be on the auction block by month's end if she can't come up with $20,000 in back taxes. With her only hope being the grand prize in a karaoke contest, and with the support of her faith, family, and friends that are family, Bonnie must decide if she's willing to sing for the first time without her late husband by her side to save the home they raised their family in. ROLL WITH IT is a down-home family comedy filled with music, friendship, laughter, and love-and a heaping helping of hope.

Fifth Season Presents A Third Coast Content Production

Cast: Chonda Pierce, McKaley Miller, Evan Hofer, Carl McDowell, Mark Christopher Lawrence and Judith Hoag

Music by Paul Mills

Music Supervisor: Kevin Edelman

Costume Designer: Anna Redmon

Editor: Chris Witt

Executive Producers: Chonda Pierce, Andrew D. Tenenbaum, Max A. Butler

Produced by Ben Howard, J. Clarke Gallivan, and Ken Carpenter

Story by Chonda Pierce, Martha Bolton, and David Pierce

Written and Directed by Chris Dowling



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