REVERE's "Unscripted: Live from Stockholm" Arrives


REVERE's new album Unscripted: Live from Stockholm drops tomorrow (April 12). The record emerged from a night of worship in one of Stockholm's oldest churches, Clara Church. The album was recorded in the cathedral with minimal instruments and 500 people praising the Lord together in different languages from around the world. The authenticity and Holy Spirit-led experience translated through "Unscripted" invites listeners to play a part in zealous worship.  

Two weeks before Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill, Integrity Music gathered its family of worship leaders to record a special project 'Revere', tracing the journey of contemporary worship from intimacy to intensity, then pointing toward a new season of worship in the fear of the Lord. After months of preparation and a full week of recording, we moved the grand piano into the middle of the room and invited everyone to gather around. The work had paid off and REVERE was in the can. It was time to get out of 'production mode' and exhale. The worship that followed was unscripted and unrehearsed, but we hit 'record', just in case... 


1. Kom 

2. Din trofasthet (Great Is Thy Faithfulness) 

3. Agnus Dei  

4. Alleluia  

5. The Lord, Our God 

6. Jesus Du Förtjänar Allt (Worthy Of It All) 

7. How Great Thou Art

8. The Name Of The Lord

9. Red (O The Blood)  

10. Nu är försoningsdagen 

11. Nothing But The Blood

12. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power

13. Total Praise  


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