Jillian Warman Releases a Stunning Version of Rich Mullins' "Hold Me Jesus"

Jillian Warman

Singer and songwriter Jillian Warman is proud to announce that her new single "Hold Me Jesus" is now available everywhere you listen to music. 

Warman writes, "This song is so special to me. Rich Mullins left such an incredible imprint on this world and to release one of his songs is surreal and such an honor. Thank you to my manager @stevenbford for encouraging me to do this special recording and thank you to my producer @mrbengarrett for so artistically and articulately making this song new again.

"I pray as you listen to it, you're reminded that you're not alone in your struggle. Jesus is right there with you and better days are on their way." 

Warman, a name synonymous with soulful, authentic music, is a classically trained musician whose talent transcends boundaries. With a passion deeply rooted in the art of worship, Jillian's music resonates with an unparalleled devotion to Jesus, filling hearts with a profound sense of His presence. Her journey in the realm of music began with rigorous violin training, shaping her into a virtuoso with a keen understanding of musical intricacies. She continued to master the piano, guitar, viola, mandolin and more.

Beyond the stage, Jillian Warman remains a humble soul, dedicated to her craft and the profound impact it has on people. Through her worship-filled compositions, she not only showcases her exceptional talent but also inspires a profound connection with Jesus. 

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