Joseph Habedank to Release "Autobiography" April 19

Joseph Habedank

In a little under a decade, the 2-time GRAMMY-nominated, 3-time GMA DOVE Award winner, Joseph Habedank addresses who he is with his April 19th autobiography.

The lead track from the collection is the highly emotionally challenging song he co-wrote called "the basement" that signifies his 10 years of sobriety from drugs. "We are in the nucleus of an epidemic that needs a hand and a heart for those in constant pain," says Habedank. "I know the struggle and through my music and my testimony, I hope I can help bring people out of the darkness into the light and I feel this song reflects a lot of that."

Other call outs "tell the devil," "going with Jesus," (featuring award-winning Bernie Herms) and "Jesus walked in," (featuring Chris Blue) are a true sampling of growth as an artist in writing and musical development. "Working with Bernie was like being shot out of a rocket," says Habedank. "He offered such grace and brought out things in me I didn't realize I had, but glad I know now," he laughed.

autobiography track listing

1. prelude (:57)
2. worthy (3:22)
3. ain't that the truth (3:18)
4. Jesus walked in (3:42)
5. the church (4:12)
6. interlude (:57)
7. Jesus wasn't leaving (3:18)
8. tell the devil (3:04)
9. Jehovah (4:33)
10. going with Jesus (3:58)
11. forgiven (4:02)
12. the basement (3:52) 


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