KP Yohannan, Founder of Gospel for Asia, Dies at 74

K.P. Yohannan

K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan), founder and director of GFA World and Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church, passed away on May 8, 2024. He was a missionary statesman with an undying call to share the love of Christ with this world and to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. He died in Dallas, Texas, due to a sudden cardiac arrest while receiving treatment after being struck by a car while on his morning walk on May 7, the day prior.

"We praise God for allowing His servant the strength to run his race faithfully and with much endurance to the very end," GFA stated in the announcement.

"Millions of lives are forever transformed because of his tireless passion and service unto his Savior. May God receive him into the embrace of the saints. Christ is risen! May his memory be eternal!"

Yohannan is survived by his wife, Gisela; his son Daniel, daughter Sarah and seven grandchildren: David, Esther, Jonah, Hannah, Lydia, Naomi and Noah.

His life was a ceaseless effort to live in light of eternity, sharing love and the hope of Christ with the masses and the individual. Millions across the globe were touched by his words and his example. Thousands experienced his personal care for them as he invested in their lives.

As director of GFA World for nearly 50 years, K.P. Yohannan led the missions organization to become a significant bridge to fulfill the Great Commission, which is deeply committed to seeing communities transformed through the love of Christ demonstrated in word and deed.

He was also the Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church, an indigenous church spread throughout 57 dioceses and more than 12,000 congregations throughout the world in 18 nations.

He had been crisscrossing the globe, challenging the Body of Christ to pick up their cross and follow Him. His call to a radical lifestyle-with an all-out commitment to Jesus-left its impact on nearly every continent. Yohannan's life message was a fresh word to this generation, and yet as timeless as the scriptural mandate itself.

Details of his funeral and public memorial services will be made known in the days to come. 



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