New Groundbreaking "JESUS: a Deaf Missions Film" Filmed Entirely in American Sign Language

 "JESUS: a Deaf Missions Film"

Deaf Missions and Iconic Events Releasing announces the release of the first-ever ASL adaptation for the silver screen, JESUS: a Deaf Missions film. Experience the story of Jesus and his ministry on Earth presented as a feature film entirely in American Sign Language in select theaters beginning June 20, 2024-a historic first for Deaf audiences. 

Tickets for JESUS: a Deaf Missions film can be purchased online here and at participating theater box offices. 

"I'm excited to see how the Deaf audience responds to this film," shares director Joseph D. Josselyn. "They can finally watch a movie about Jesus without any language barriers and become fully immersed in it with their heart language!"

Deaf Missions, a ministry dedicated to communicating the Gospel of Jesus with Deaf people through their heart language, culture and identity, has partnered with GUM Vision Studio, along with numerous ministries and generous donors to bring JESUS: a Deaf Missions film to theaters.
JESUS: a Deaf Missions film aptly tagged "For Deaf by Deaf" is brought to life by Joseph D. Josselyn, a Deaf producer and director from Deaf Missions, and Michael Davis, a Deaf producer at GUM Vision Studio. The film will include English subtitles and a soundtrack. 

"It was incredibly important to us to partner with Deaf actors and Deaf professionals to bring this story to life for the Deaf audience," said executive producer and CEO of Deaf Missions Chad Entinger. "The Deaf community is one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, so we are praying that God will use this movie to ignite a movement of healing and heart change in the Deaf community."

SYNOPSIS: For the first time in history, a Deaf audience will have the unique opportunity to experience the story of Jesus presented as a feature film entirely in American Sign Language. JESUS: a Deaf Missions film will take you on a journey with Jesus and his disciples. Witness His miracles, His transformative power, and His challenges to the religious elite in a time of high tension under Roman rule in Judea. The Jews were anticipating a Messiah, but Jesus was not what they expected. What the religious leaders orchestrated to be Jesus' end instead changed the world forever. Immerse yourself in Jesus' love as He offers hope, forgiveness, and eternal life. Don't miss this historic film-produced for Deaf by Deaf-with a cast fluent in American Sign Language.  Deaf producer/director Joseph D. Josselyn (of Deaf Missions) and Deaf producer Michael Davis (of GUM Vision Studio) bring the movie to life for Deaf audiences. The film includes a soundtrack and English subtitles.

Watch the trailer HERE.

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