SEU Worship Releases New Album, "Move of God"

SEU Worship

SEU Worship delivers a new live project, Move of God, available today. The new album features 11 live songs, which represent the worship movement at Southeastern University. Listen to the new album here

"The album Move Of God articulates the ongoing movement witnessed not only within our campus and community but across the globe," shares SEU Worship's Chelsea Plank.

"A powerful divine movement is underway. Reflecting on Matthew 5:8, which states that the pure in heart shall see God, this album serves as our prayer, urging us to dedicate ourselves to holiness, enabling us to truly perceive God. Through these songs, we ask the Lord to transform us into offerings, sanctify us like an upper room, purify us, and grant us the vision to perceive His movement and actively participate in it." 

Building off the success of their 2022 viral hit song, "Monday Morning Faith", every song released so far from Move of God has broken previously held debut streaming week records for SEU Worship. The band released their first song, "FREE!" in February while in the midst of the 39-city Winter Jam tour, followed by the title track in April and most recently the group's highest streaming debut, "Slower I Go" in May.

The reception of these songs before the album release indicates the move of God that is happening all across the globe in the college-aged and below listeners. Watch the live performance of "What A God" featuring One House and Roosevelt Stewart by clicking the video below.  
SEU Worship - "What A God" featuring One House and Roosevelt Stewart 

ABOUT SEU WORSHIP: SEU Worship is a worship movement at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. A collaboration between the faculty, staff, students, and alumni. SEU Worship is a reflection of the worship movement happening during weekly chapel services on our campus and within our community. Our sound is inspired by current pop music and the culture of emerging adults. Our writers aim to craft prophetic and theologically responsible lyrics for students and young adults.

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