Gospel singer Melinda Watts is pregnant; baby is due in November

Melinda Watts
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Gospel singer Melinda Watts revealed that she is expecting a baby. Watts also shared that the baby is due in November.

Watts, “We are tickled pink! Maybe even blue?!”

Sacramento, California, native singer Melinda Watts, has been writing songs since she was 12. Watts’s music carries elements from Gospel to pop/rock.

Watts, "Whatever the genre, my heart is singing to God. I've learned not to be prejudiced with styles of music because we never know what kind of music will reach people. If our knowledge is limited, our ministry will be as well. I just want to be pliable in the hand of God and let Him sing through me."

Previously, Melinda Watts won Gospel Dream competition.

Watts, "It was really a step of faith. I didn't want to wake up another morning not walking in my purpose. I went through some things prior to going, but God held me and promised me that He wouldn't fail me. The whole experience was amazing because I have never seen the manifestation of God's grace in such a way in my life. I just want to stay right there. Right there. In His Grace."

In 2009, Watts released her debut album titled People get ready.

Watts shares her mission, "My mission is to let people know that life in God is beautiful."

She continues, “We rarely live in the NOW and God is in the now. It’s about living in the moment and I’m living in it. I want people to pursue God and remain thirsty for Him. There is no better time than NOW!”

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