Iron Man 4 Release Date Considered to be on 2019: The Marvel’s Masterpiece

Ironman 4

Iron Man 4 Release Date Considered to be on 2019: The Marvel's Masterpiece

Iron Man's come back in big screen is not yet confirmed. In fact Robert Downey Jr. is still renegotiating to have higher paycheck. He wants it to be much higher from his last paycheck with Iron Man 3 whenever Iron Man would be back on screen finally. For two consecutive years, Robert Downey JR. is the premier paid actor receiving $75 million.

For the meanwhile, fans of Iron Man are still hopeful that their favorite hero of all time would again rescue the world from bad entities and destruction.

Do you think Marvel would consider having Iron Man 4 in 2019?

Rumors claimed that if ever Iron Man comes back by year 2019 with 5 years gap from Iron Man 3 the very long wait is still worth afterall. This is because of the fact that Marvel's production offers a more exciting and heart throbbing scenes. However, Cinemablend is not as optimistic unlike the fans. They believed that if ever Downey JR. could wear Iron Man's suit again it's not for Iron Man 4 but with Avengers: Age of Ultron instead. As of this moment, Downey's concentration is with the Avengers.

Marvel is very sure that Iron Man would be as successful as James Bond. Hence, the topic would end up questioning, until when will Robert Downey Jr. accepts the role? Marvel can't just easily change Downey JR. from being the Iron Man because fans especially kids who have learned to love him would always expect him behind the mask and no one else. So, that question is not yet answered and only Downey JR. and Marvel's can answer such question.


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