Storytellers Cruise To Alaska: Matthew West Invites Fans To Join Him On A Seven-Day Cruise

Matthew West, Christian musician, invites his fans to join him on a seven-day Storytellers Cruise from Seattle, Washington to Alaska and British Columbia from July 13- July 20.

The cruise will be making stops beautiful parts of Alaska such as Juneau and Ketchikan, and it will even be stopping for a day in British Columbia.

"I've done this cruise before, as a guest on another cruise, and it was, by far, my favorite cruise. I got to see some of God's most beautiful creations from glaciers to whales," West said in a video promotion for the trip. "You might even get attacked by a bear, maybe you'll even see Sarah Palin."

West says that beyond being a chance to get away, this cruise will also be a chance to be refreshed and rejuvinated spiritually, with Bible studies and devotionals available to attend every day. In addition, the cruise will feature special performances by West, featuring some of the people who inspired the songs that he has written. West hopes that through "bringing these stories to life" they will be able to help his fans "get inspired to live a better story [themselves]."

On May 31, West posted a song that he wrote about the cruise on his website. "One of my favorite parts of going on a cruise is, I love the sights and sounds and the vacation part of it, but for those who have never been on a cruise, one thing you should know is that there is a 24- hour buffet. It's non-stop," West informed his fans in the video of his new cruise song. "When you go sit down at dinner, when the waiter gives you the menu, you could order anything on the menu, you could order two of everything if you want and they'll bring it to you, it's like awesome!"

West finished introducing his new song about his favorite part of going on a cruise ship, the food, by saying, "if you go on a cruise with me, we'll be singing this song together while we gain ten pounds."

The ship that the cruise will be taking place on is called the 'Norweigian Jewel,' according to the Storytellers Cruise website. West will be joined on board by guest speaker Angela Thomas, best-selling author of various books and Bible studies, and Lindsay McCaul, a singer/songwriter and worship leader who has been involved in mission trips around the world.

"Don't miss this cruise. Don't miss this opportunity for us to vacation together," West said in his original promotion video. For more info you can visit the Storytellers Cruise website.


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