iPad Mini 3 Release Date Set Late 2014 or Early 2015 and Will Boast the New iOS 8 and A8 Chip Processor

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3 Release Date Set Late 2014 or Early 2015 and Will Boast the New  iOS 8 and A8 Chip Processor

Hoping for a chance to redeem their brand from bad sales of the line over the past two years, Apple decided to make improvements and produce better tablets and it would seem that we would be seeing not one but two tablets by the end of the year with one of those being the iPad mini 3.

Surprisingly, some iPad mini 3 news that have been scattered all over the internet states that it will be one of the two who will be sporting the TouchID fingerprint recognition feature, the other one being the iPad Air. It will also sport the latest iOS8 and a brand new A8 processor making it faster, more responsive and more efficient than ever. iPad mini 3 is speculated to be offered in variants of 16GB going up to 128 GB and may also come in a bigger size to boost up hype and attract more buyers for the product.

Many had guessed that iPad Mini 3 may be more expensive compared to its predecessor due to its added and improved features though only time will tell if this will be held true. As of current, Apple has not released any official statement on what will be the final specs and price range the iPad Mini 3 will come with.

Though there has been no final report from the company itself, many have speculated that the iPad mini 3 release date may be somewhere in between the end of 2014, hopefully on October, or the beginning of 2015.



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