Taken 3 Release Date, Latest News: Liam Neeson Gets Framed For Murder

Taken 3


Taken 3 Release Date, Latest News:  Liam Neeson Gets Framed For Murder

Century Fox had just released its official announcement that the movie Taken 3 which stars Liam Neeson will make its comeback to theatres on January 9, 2015. Due to all the love from the fans of the franchise, it seems that our former CIA operative Brian Mills (played by Neeson) will not be getting peace yet, as the storyline gets way more intense than the previous two movies.

Here's what we have gathered so far about the plot of this third installment:

According to the director of the film himself Olivier Megaton, Mills will find himself in quite a sticky situation. Apparently, he will be framed for a murder which we all know that he did not commit. In one part of the movie, he tries to have a rendezvous with his daughter Maggie in a university but unfortunately the police will try to apprehend them there.  The chase begins when he throws a flash grenade, activating sprinklers and letting him escape. There is just so much action packed in the movie and fans will surely love it.

The film had once again has been shot at various locations. This time, they had filmed across Los Angeles, Georgia and even parts of Spain. We are assuming that Spain is the place where the climax is set. How do Mills clear his name? Will another family member be taken as hostage again? We can only wait until more spoilers arrive, and don't worry for we'll keep you notified as soon as they arrive.

Visit Taken 3 website for more information about the movie, its cast, and other news.



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