Christian Music Artists Celebrate Father's Day

June 16 was a reminder that, in addition to creating inspirational music, some of our favorite Christian music artists have another role to play in their lives, being fathers.

Some big names in the Christian music industry including Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Jeremy Camp, Luke Smallbone of For King & Country, Joshua Havens of The Afters, Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, Matthew West, Tim Timmons, Jason Gray, Mark Hall along with various other members of Casting Crowns, and more, are all fathers in addition to being beloved Christian musicians.

Some artists took to Twitter to speak about how grateful they are for being fathers and shared photos of their children.

Luke Smallbone, of For King and Country, tweeted on the band's Twitter page, "Being a father to this guy is a delight! What's more special? Being married to my wife. -L."

Meanwhile, Jeremy Camp tweeted, "I love being a Father. I mean, come on! Look at that sweet face!"  

Jason Gray posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, "My Dad. My Sons. Grateful. #fathersday."

Josh Havens, of The Afters, a father himself, posted an encouraging video for fathers in light of Father's Day as well.

Many of the other Christian Musician fathers spoke about the blessing of their own fathers in their lives, rather than about fatherhood itself. 

Tim Timmons, the father of four beautiful children, Malia, Noah, and twins Aaron and Anna, posted a video on Twitter in May of him and one of his daughter Mia riding on her first roller coaster together.  She was extremely excited, then seemingly terrified, and finished off the ride screaming excitedly again.  That sounds like fatherly love to me.

Some of the most beloved female Christian artists also paid tribute to their husbands and fathers on social media sites in celebration of Father's Day on June 16.

God bless all the fathers in the Christian music industry and beyond.  Give them the ability to spend time with their families in amongst touring, music writing and the general craziness of their careers.

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