Originals Season 2 Reveals, Review and Rumors: Esther and Michael Mikaelson to Prove Threat for Klaus’s Family and Elijah

Originals Season 2

Originals Season 2 Reveals, Review and Rumors: Esther and Michael Mikaelson to Prove Threat for Klaus's Family and Elijah

Apparently the second season of the highly awaited is premiering on the CW on October 6th this year. When we left off in Season One, Rebekah left after the highly climactic ending with her brother Klaus. Similarly, Klaus found himself in trouble after a fatal mistake in underestimating Francesca Correa and her family. Now he is stuck with a handful of moonlight rings that suck away his power at the time of the full moon so that Francesca and her family can choose to not turn into wolves. Things are really tricky for him as the wolves are also after his kid. Baby Hope Mikaelson had to escape with their aunt Rebekah in order to remain alive. It seems that Klaus has more than enough to deal with as his father and mother are also in the picture this time.

It seems there is no end to which the witches will not go to get rid of the vampires. Their father who was previously thought dead is back and is being controlled by Davina, though it seems that he still has the will to destroy his son, Klaus. Esther Mikaelson on the other hand, is an odd creature because she is a twisted individual who deep down just wants to reunite her family. She is going to inhabit the body of a teenage witch and has a consuming love for her children apparently. Things are going to get quite heated as both Hayley and Klaus have to battle with their inner demons.

 Klaus is regularly being weakened by the wolves and the moonrings which is something that he is not used to while trying to stave off his parents. Hayley is a hybrid now and has to deal with rage and crippling depression after she gives her child away to hide. We should see instances of Hayley being stronger than Klaus. Similarly, Elijah is on the war path to destroy Francesca and the wolves that got them into this. We might see Klaus and Elijah reach out to Marcel and his army of vampire to start an all out war with the wolves. 



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