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Mike Donehey and Rob Murray
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Mike Donehey and Rob Murray - Living Alive Sermon on the Mount

Audio Adrenaline's Hand & Feet Project, Tenth Avenue North and Rob Murray ask the question, "You may be living ... but are you Living Alive?"


Since the summer of 2004, the Hands & Feet Project has been helping orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti, providing them long-term, family style care. The name Mike Donehey is well known in Christian music circles because he is the lead singer and primary songwriter for the rock band, Tenth Avenue North. Rob Murray may not be as well known a name to fans, but the man behind FireHouse Talent Agency soon will be. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Rob moved to the U.S. over ten years ago and worked as a touring Christian musician and youth pastor prior to the birth of FireHouse. With artists such as Brenton Brown, Natalie and Phillip LaRue, Paul Baloche and Sarah Macintosh on his roster, he continues to stay immersed in ministry through music, speaking, and now, Living Alive.

The Living Alive Sermon on the Mount project is a 28-day "reflect-to-action" devotional that the two men (Donehey and Murray) are collaborating on. It will challenge followers of Christ to not just read the words of Jesus but to live them out. It won't be easy to do in our "me, me, me" world and it will definitely take readers out of their comfort zones, but it will be worth it as the results start to show. Hands & Feet has joined with as partners to provide the labor required to put the books together. While it would be easier and cheaper to have them mass produced, having some of the older boys who live in Grand Goave hand-craft, stamp, and assemble the devotionals not only gives them a personal touch, it also gives the boys the chance to work and gain experience that they couldn't otherwise get. These future leaders, teachers, pastors, educators and entrepreneurs in Haiti will take the lessons that they learn and use them to not just survive, but thrive.

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