Minecraft PS4 Release Date: It’s Coming with Xbox Tomorrow

Minecraft PS4 Release Date: It's Coming with Xbox Tomorrow

Who wouldn't possibly await the launch of this brick-based adventure game? In the age where everything is so life-like, Minecraft is a kind of nostalgia that takes back to the gold old gaming days. And at the same time, this popular game presents challenges of exploration, creative and analytical thinking, combating, crafting and a lot more.

So when does the new installment for this game come to you? According to a tweet from the official account of Playstation France, Minecraft will be available in a digital version by today.


Minecraft PS4 Released
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PS France



When one of the game fans asked about the release date, PlayStation France replied with 'Yes, digital is coming tomorrow.'  The reply came as a surprise especially with the release date being expected in the last week of September.

However, according to rumors this Minecraft PS4 release date is specific to just Europe and North America will have to wait for the release by the end of this week.


Minecraft PS4
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Minecraft Zombie



We believe that Minecraft is also coming for Xbox 360 at the same time, but dates for other systems have not been confirmed yet. The gamers on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows and Mac will have to wait for a few more months. According to latest Minecraft release date updates, the current version is still in testing stages and no confirmed date has come forth for now. The story is pretty much similar for mobile gamers too. They will have to wait for some time.



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