‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers Exclusive: More on Coming Episodes

Days of our lives spoilers

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers Exclusive: More on Coming Episodes

This is possibly the only one soap that hasn't lost the charm. While a lot of people believe feel otherwise, fans know how difficult it is to go on with the show for around with a show for around half a century. In fact the writers and creators have risked a lot to keep this one of the longest running shows running. And just like every time, we are thrilled to present the spoilers that are coming in the next episodes airing from 8 to 12 September.   

This week you have already seen what Hope is going through. Her weak emotional troubles, primarily due to Aiden, continue to grow in the coming episodes too. She believes that its better to suppress the feeling of love, but that of course does not turn out very well for her. Things get even more difficult when she gets to know Nicole and Aiden are spending quality time together.

This week will bring even more heartbreak. Kirsten gets to know that Brady and Theresa have been sleeping together. Theresa confesses this, making Kirsten angry and frustrated. Actually, there is even more. 'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers reveal that Theresa will now get pregnant as a result of those crazy nights she had spent with Brady. Rumors suggest that she even plans to keep the baby.

What do you think? Where will all of this take the show? How will the girls deal with what they are going through? Do not forget to discover it for yourself from Monday, September 8.   

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