Scott MacIntyre Shares Exclusively with Hallels His Time at American Idol, His New Album & His Own Health Issues

Scott MacIntyre

Scott MacIntyre is set to release his first new contemporary Christian album "Lighthouse." The album is being released through Mini Mac Music and will be distributed by New Day Distribution. MacIntyre is the eighth place finalist on the eighth season of American Idol.  Further, this 29 year-old is is visually impaired, and while not completely blind, he suffers from tunnel vision.

On MacIntyre's new album, "Lighthouse,' he has garnered the vocal support of fellow American Idol finalist Danny Gokey and Skylar Laine. The eleven song project was produced by Grammy nominated Matt Bronleewe (Plumb, Hayden Panettiere, Joy Williams), Dove nominated Kyle Lee (TobyMac, Michael W. Smith, Phillips, Craig & Dean), and MacIntyre joining in on the production duties. Ten of the eleven compositions featured on Lighthouse were written or co-written by MacIntyre.

We are very honored to be able to catch up with Scott MacIntyre for this exclusive Hallels' interview:

Hallels:  Thank you Scott for doing this interview with us.  Many of us know you from your appearances on American Idol. In hindsight, how do you feel towards this popular TV show and your performances on the show?

-          American Idol was a huge blessing in my life.  I always had a deep desire to inspire others through my music, and when I auditioned for the show, I thought if I could make a difference in one person's life it would be worth it.  However,  I never expected my music and story would touch so many people around the world.

Hallels:  You have a brand new album coming out entitled "Lighthouse" which also involves Danny Gokey and Skylar Laine.  What is it like working with both of them?  Tell us about their involvement on your new record.

-          I'm really excited to have Danny and Skylar join me on two songs for this album.  They are both accomplished and unique artists in their own rights and we had a lot of fun in the studio together. The songs that Danny and Skylar sing on are two of the songs that I produced for this album, so from a producer's perspective, I really enjoyed the challenge of capturing their performances and figuring out the best way to incorporate them.

Hallels:  You have a brand new single "Fifty Second Chances."  For our readers who may not have heard it yet, tell us what is the song about?

-          'Fifty Second Chances' is about God's grace in the wake of our inability to deserve it.  We all fall short of who God created us to be every single day, but no matter how many times we fail God is willing to forgive us.

Hallels:  You get to work with some of the most talented people on the record and you also have a hand in writing most of the songs, if you have a chance to introduce two songs off the album that you are the proudest of, which would they be?  And why?

-          Other than the single 'Fifty Second Chances,' the first song that touches me the most is the title track.  I wrote it with Aaron Steenhoven and Ryan Hydro and we thought a lighthouse would be an amazing metaphor for God, especially when you think of a storm and waves crashing around it and how they represent the temptations and distractions that keep us from focusing on God.  I also love the way the song sounds.  I was honored to have Matt Bronleewe produce this song, and he did a great job of painting a vivid sonic picture that immediately puts the listener out on the water making their way toward a lighthouse in the distance.

-          Another song that resonates with me is 'Through the Eyes of Jesus.'  In the physical sense, I don't see the world.  I think that not being distracted by so many visual sensations in life has helped me focus on seeing God more clearly.  The song is about the struggle we all face to look past the surface and see the world the way God sees it.  Broken but so loved.

Hallels:  One of the songs I really love is "I Am Hope" which speaks of organ donation.  I know this is a very personal concern of yours, can you tell us why we need to be organ donors?

-          When you register to become an organ donor, you would not believe how much hope it gives to the thousands of people still waiting for a life-saving transplant.  It's a way that when you leave this earth you can literally give the gift of life to someone else.  Moreover, I think that saving a life through organ donation is one of the most tangible examples of Christ's love that we can give to another person.  My kidney donor literally gave me a second chance at life and being given such a significant physical gift helped me to understand even more the profound spiritual gift of grace.

Hallels:  Being visually impaired and having to wrestle with many health issues, how have all these experiences affected the way you understand your faith in Jesus Christ?

-          Facing the challenges I've faced in life has definitely brought me closer to Christ.  Growing up with blindness, I learned very quickly that God was stronger in my weakness.  When I experienced kidney failure at 19 years old, it taught me to trust in God more than I had ever done before.  I was familiar with being blind because that's all I ever knew, but when a life-threatening illness plagued my future I had to trust God for my very life.  God has been faithful through the biggest challenges of my life so far and knowing that he's been faithful helps me to trust him for the future.

Hallels:  The image of the lighthouse speaks of allowing our lives to shine for Christ.  If you were to pick an aspect of your life that you really want to shine for Christ, what would it be?  And why?

-          I want my marriage to shine for Christ.  I love that God ordained marriage to be a picture of Christ and his church to the world.  It motivates me to love my wife Christina more and more each day.



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