David Glenn 'Relentless' Review

David Glenn - Relentless
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David Glenn - Relentless
Unless you live in Atlanta or Virginia Beach, the name David Glenn may not ring any bells for you, but that doesn't necessarily make him a "new" face in the world of Christian music. The singer/songwriter spent over 10 years in Atlanta building worship programs for several churches before moving to Virginia Beach last year to join the staff at River Oak Church. As an indie solo artist, he has performed on stages around the world during those years as well, and has opened for NewSong on their annual Christmas tour. As a songwriter, his music has gone even farther; his songs, "Glorify Your Name" and "Bread of Life" are frequently heard being sung in churches around the world.

It's not about seeing his name in lights or the attention he's getting for David Glenn though. It's all about Jesus. In a press release, he explained by saying, "First and foremost, my identity is in Christ. My goal is to simply inspire a spirit of worship and be someone who is encouraging in other people's lives. My goal is to do that in a creative and culturally relevant way, but at the end of the day, I want to put my guitar down and feel like what I contributed truly helped others worship the Lord." This honesty, combined with his talent and passion for sharing the gospel is what allowed him to raise over $14,000 in 30 days through Kickstarter to record this project.

After hearing Relentless, I strongly suspect that David Glenn is going to be hearing his name mentioned a whole lot more. While each of the 14 songs on the project have a different feel, overall, the theme/purpose is to present Jesus as a Savior we can all reach, regardless of where we are in our own walks. From the feel-good rockers like "Every Good and Perfect Gift" to the driving "Great King" that points us to the throne and reminds us that God is all we ever need, there is not a single moment on this album that isn't 100% about Jesus.

If you are a fan of Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Passion or SONICFLOOd, you will most certainly enjoy David Glenn. His music makes you want to rejoice and celebrate what a wonderful God we have. My only problem with Relentless was that I couldn't easily decided which version of "Great King" I liked the most. In the end, the acoustic version won out. David with nothing more than his guitar is pure magic and the scaled-down version showcases just how gifted he is.

GENRE: Praise & Worship
RECORD LABEL: Evident Music
RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2013 (physical) June 25, 2013 (digital)
TRACKS: 14 on physical CD, 10 on digital release

Relentless Track List:

  1. Great King
  2. We Are One (Stand United)
  3. You Reign
  4. Relentless
  5. Every Good and Perfect Gift
  6. As I Am
  7. For You (Shine Brighter)
  8. Great King (Acoustic Version)
  9. Relentless (Acoustic Version)
  10. Relentless (Strings Only)
  11. Like The Angels
  12. To Be Love
  13. Turn To You
  14. Like The Angels (Alternate Ending / Choir Mix)


  • Relentless
  • Great King (acoustic)
  • You Reign

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