Arrow Season 3 Spoilers, Cast, and Updates: Twists Of Events For Oliver, More Characters On The New Season


Arrow Season 3 Spoilers, Cast, and Updates: Twists Of Events For Oliver, More Characters On The New Season 

The third season of The Arrow was released on February 13, 2014 and is scheduled for a premiere on The CW by October 8, 2014.

At the beginning of the season, The Arrow will be seen as a hero to Starling. Crime rates slowed down, bringing peace to the whole city. Quentin Lance will become a police captain and ultimately call off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. For the first time, Oliver felt that he can now start a new life and asks a very skeptic Felicity out on a date. Unfortunately, Felicity has the rights to doubt our hero's offer, since the moment Oliver takes his eye off the game; a villain came back in Starling bringing terror to its entire people. The twists of events forced Oliver to realize that more is yet to come and that he can never be Oliver Queen.

The season also highlights Felicity's past including flashbacks at MIT and Ra's al Ghul as the main antagonist. Meanwhile, an episode will also be focusing on Roy's path to becoming a hero and his growing bond with Oliver.

The new season will introduce more characters. Actress Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue, 2003) will be Felicity Smoak's mother. TV Guide announced that Ross will be appearing in an episode to be aired by November.

DC Comics characters will also make their way into this season's storyline. Ted "Wildcat" Grant, a retired boxer and gym owner will be played by J. R. Ramirez. Another critical role as Mark Shaw will be played by guest star David Cubitt (Medium, 2005). He will also be dubbed as the "Manhunter" in this season.

It is also reported that the show to be casting for four more new characters which will surely make The Arrow fans ecstatic and continue to follow our hero's chronicle.



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