'Iron Man 4': Why We May Never See an Iron Man 4 Movie

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Iron Man 4: Why We may Never See an Iron Man 4 Movie

Perhaps the most widely accepted Marvel Superhero character to hit the movie screen is the Iron Man. The character has had three movies all to itself with the latest of the three racking up $1.2 Billion worldwide. This shows the kind of appeal that the character has had over the millions of Marvel movie viewers all over the globe.

Sequels and series are the trends of movie making today. This is particularly true with Marvel, and even DC comic superhero movies. It should be expected that a fourth installment to the Iron Man franchise would coming soon. While rumors about these started circulating some time back, hopes of seeing an Iron Man 4 movie has been indefinitely shut down.

Partly responsible for the success of the Iron Man franchise would definitely be Robert Downey Jr., the Oscar-nominee actor who plays Tony Stark, the man behind the iron suit. As instrumental as Downey Jr. is to the franchise's success, he is also rumored to be the cause why we do not get to see an Iron Man 4 movie.

It has been reported that the actor has always been in better position when it comes to negotiation with Marvel Studios. In fact, he was paid $50 million for reprising the Tony Stark role in the third movie.

Given that huge amount he was asking, Marvel Studios started backing away. Reports have been leaked that a new contract has been signed between the actor and Marvel Studios but this contracts only covers Downey Jr. playing the Iron Man role in the coming Avengers 2 and 3 but not beyond that.

There is no Iron Man 4 in the contracts. It could then be safely concluded that we would be seeing the charismatic superhero anytime soon.



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