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Aaron Shust
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Aaron Shust

If you Google "Who is God," you will get nearly 1.5 million results. The question "What is God" amasses over 1.5 results. For these five artists, the who and what of God is explained in their songs...


Aaron Shust - "God Of Brilliant Lights"

Aaron describes God as Lord over all whose reign will never end. His Scripture reference for the song is James 1:17 and he says that the story behind the song started in the recording studio. Scott (Producer Ed Cash's younger brother) had written the song and Ed asked Aaron if he would listen to it. Shust says that as soon as Ed started playing it on guitar, he knew he had to record it.

From the song ...

The God of brilliant lights
Is shining down over us
Breaking through the darkness
Covering all the earth
Oooh, his love is like an ocean
Oooh, forever overflowing
The God of brilliant lights is shining over us.

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