Glee Season 6 FOX Release Date: Famed Musical Series to Hit Screens in 2015


Glee' Season 6 FOX Release Date: Famed Musical Series to Hit Screens in 2015 

After a six-year run on Fox, Glee will finally run its sixth and final season. 

Reports are saying that the production of Season 6 is still on-going and will be aired after the shooting of its final episode. Producers of the show are still hopeful for the show's positive comeback because the past season's ratings were not as high as the earlier seasons.

This upcoming season's storyline will focus on 'Glee" lead character's turning to Lima and being motivated to dedicate their time in reinstating McKinley High's glee club. Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) decision will come after her failure as a TV actress. She is also reportedly going to sing her own rendition of "Let It Go" from Disney's hit 'Frozen'.

Majority of the original cast will also be back for this season. Nine regular cast members including Dot-Marie Jones, Amber Riley, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, Chris Colfer and Lea Michelle, will be featured. Max Adler and Naya Rivera already confirmed their participation on this season.

The upcoming instalment is also expected to pay tribute to the late Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), who played a significant role on being Lea's charismatic significant other. Monteith started the show in 2009 up until before his unexpected demise last year due to heroin.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy also told that the final season will have its own story and location. Furthermore, it will do away with all those New York-centric storyline and will focus on the original people on the show.  Creators also reiterated that this finale will be really interesting, sweet, and entail satisfaction to all of its viewers.

The famed musical series will hit TV screens in 2015 around spring, Fox reported.



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