'Vikings' Season- 3 Release will be on the History Channel in 2015

A scene from 'Vikings' Season 3
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'Vikings' Season 3: A Caste Member Expects to Die, Predict Who Will Be That

Michael Hirst, the creator of 'Vikings' Season 3 and crew members, Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Alexander Ludwig, and History Channel executive Julian Hobbsm went to Comic-Con San Diego to share some news on the "Vikings." According to Clive Standen, one of the members of the hit show may die on season 3.

"We just lost one of our favorite people. Ludwig confirmed this and said, 'Someone's going to die,'" Clive said.  Naturally, he did not fully disclose the name of the member who may die. This is up for the viewers to find out.

The cast members also shared their views on the interesting plot revolving around Vikings' invasion of Paris. It will be considered to be the "Huge upgrading in the Vikings' endeavors, and this is the dawn of what will become known as the Viking age," Michael Hirst said. 

A large crowd came at the Comic-Con San Diego and expressed their appreciation for Lagertha, Winnick's character. She is considered to be a good female role model, through the casting.

Lagertha was seen to be much tougher in season 2, no longer allowing her husband to abuse her. Winnick, who played this character, claimed that in the next season, her character may be searching for a new person to love. "

Lagertha is a free woman. She can do whatever she wants. She doesn't have a husband, she understands her sexuality and she knows who she is. She's a free woman and you can see her explore that in season 3," Winnick shared to Zap2it.

"Vikings" season 3 set to premiere on the History Channel in 2015.



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