'Supernatural’s' Season 10: The Mark Of Cain On This New Season Is Going To Be An Issue For The Cure Of Demon Dean

Supernatural’s Season 10

"Supernatural's" Season 10: The Mark Of Cain On This New Season Is Going To Be An Issue For The Cure Of Demon Dean

All followers of the show will be excited now that the network has confirmed it is going on for its 10th season. Season 9 had 23 action packed episodes that made a lot of its viewers even want more to see what is in store for them to see. The plot is out there on this new season but the network decided not to give much away to continue to build up the excitement of its avid viewers. But so far, here are some of the things that will tickle your fantasy.

The Mark of Cain on this new season is going to be an issue for the cure of Demon Dean. Sam Winchester will be so challenged to heal Demon Dean because of that. This is where the story of this season will evolve.

Dean will be more important this season that everyone wants to have a piece of him. Another character will be out there to hunt for him by the name of Cole. Apparently he used to know Dean from way back and will be surprised on what he has turned into these days.

But why do you think it would be challenging for Sam to cure Dean? The answer to that is that the demon possessing Dean is actually non-existent. The problem is that his soul was the one in a bunch of turmoil. And that brings to another question, what about the Mark of Cain? Now that is something the viewers have to catch when it premieres on Oct. 7 on the CW channel. The Mark of Cain is something to really watch for and see its significance in the whole story. The writers and the management of the show is doing a great job of keeping the suspense so don't miss out on this show when it's up.


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