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Sarah, Jonny and Scarlett Macintosh (2013)
(Photo : Sarah Macintosh)
Sarah, Jonny and Scarlett Macintosh

Sarah Macintosh has released six albums and is working on a seventh, a collaboration project with JT Daly, Mia Fieldes and Jonny MacIntosh. You can help make it, and, in turn, help her and Jonny raise the needed funds to adopt a baby.

Making babies and making music aren't normally things that go hand in hand, but, as Sarah explains, for her, the process is very similar. "I’ve often said that recording and releasing music is like getting pregnant and giving birth," she said. "The songs are nurtured and allowed to grow in a safe environment till eventually they are ready to be released for others to hold."

As the four gifted musicians pull together their bits and pieces to create songs for the project, called A Thousand Champions, Sarah, Jonny and their daughter Scarlett are anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby that will join their family. They have all of the love in the world but adoption isn't an inexpensive process, so sales from the album (once it's available) will give them the money they need to complete the adoption process.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are goodies for those who choose to support the project. Donation amounts range from $1 to $10,000 and the perks range from virtual hugs, digital downloads, t-shirts and stickers to handwritten lyrics sheets and Sarah's favorite books to the granddaddy of all perks - having Sarah, Jonny, JT and Mia work with you to produce and record your own 4 song EP. These are some of the best Kickstarter perks you'll find.

The campaign runs through December 20, 2013, giving Macintosh plenty of time to raise the $10,000 goal.

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