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Apple Released its iOS
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Apple Released Its Operation System For iPad, iPhone And iPod In UK

On September 17, Apple has released its Operation System for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in a special event in the UK. Apple also announced that the public can download iOS 8 on their iPad and iPhones since then. The company also reported that iOS 8 would be available to download in the US at 1pm Eastern Time (US). Downloading will be available in the UK from 6pm (and 10am Pacific Time, for the people from West Coast regions). It was in the beginning of June, during Apple's WWDC 2014 event that iOS 8 was first introduced in to the global market.

On that particular moment, Apple announced the unique features of the next operating system expected to be launched for iPad and iPhone. (Among these: Family Sharing, interactive notifications, predictive typing and third-party keyboardsiCloud Drive, and a new programming language for developers. Follow here to get complete details about the new features of iOS 8 Tutorials zone.)

On September during a presentation, Apple disclosed about iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch. Apple also previously assured that iOS 8 will be launched and can download two days before the new iPhones reach in the stores. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available from stores from19 September, Macworld reports.

The company expects users to download iOS 8 without problems. When the company launched iOS6, the users could not download it due to some server problems linked to the number of people downloading the operating system.

"We don't expect too many problems this year; nevertheless, we usually advise readers to wait a day or two before upgrading, both to avoid the rush and so they can hear any early horror stories that might put them off upgrading on a particular model," Macworld reports. Still, if users cannot wait, they can go ahead and download, the site added.



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