'Maze Runner' Sequel 'The Scorch Trials' Will Release On Sept. 18, 2015

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'Maze Runner' Sequel 'The Scorch Trials' Will Release On Sept. 18, 2015,

 'Maze Runner' Sequel 'The Scorch Trials' Summary

After super success of the movie 'Maze Runner' at the box office, the team of 'Maze Runner' announced the sequel for the movie expected to schedule in 2015. The movie won the gross collection of $32.5 million during its premiere release week, but the budget was only $34 million. The movie won the first position after lined up Liam Neeson's "A Walk Among the Tombstones" in the second position and "This Is Where I Leave You" in the third position. The Fox's movie 'Maze Runner' named its second instalment as "The Scorch Trails" which is announced the release date as Sept. 18, 2015, it is expected to be release exactly one year after the release of first instalment.

When the 'Maze Runner' hits at the box office it faced the toughest competition with "A Walk Among the Tombstones" and "This Is Where I Leave You". In the upcoming year, during the release of its sequel it "The Scorch Trails" expected to be competed with "Everest." It is will be a Universal Pictures' action-adventure film with a list of leading cats like Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin and Sam Worthington.

"The Scorch Trials," will be directed by Wes Ball under the screenplay of T.S. Nowlin. In July, team members of "The Scorch Trials" has officially announced its concept art at San Diego Comic Con International. If "The Scorch Trials" sees the same success as its predecessor, we can likely expect a movie adaptation for the third book, "The Death Cure," and maybe even the prequel, "The Kill Order." The Huffington Post reported. "The Maze Runner" is an adaptation of the novel in the same name written by James Dashner. The novel depicts the story of some teenage boys who labyrinths in a giant maze and unable to find the way to their homes.



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