BlackBerry's Passport Phone Releases On Wednesday SQUARE Shaped Device will cost $599

BlackBerry's Passport
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BlackBerry's Passport phone Releases on Wednesday SQUARE Shaped Device will cost $599

 BlackBerry's Passport phone Available on Market At $599

 BlackBerry's Passport phone reached in to the stores on Wednesday, the square shaped device's prices will be $599. The BlackBerry Passport possessed HD 4.5-inch square screen, which able to show 60 characters, meanwhile the rectangular 5-inch device assures 40 characters. Key specialty of BlackBerry's Passport is, it has a large touchscreen with a physical keyboard and the expected rate in the U.S. is $599. Firstly it will launch in the U.S. after that only it will start to sell other parts of the world. The rate of the mobile will be different in each county; it will be on the basis of the tax and tariff. The launching of passport is target for all types of consumers; even though it is especially targeted for the architects, writers and medical staff, blog says, Daily Mail reports

Top specialty of the BlackBerry's Passport SIM free phone mobile are following

It has a full HD 4.5-inch square screen, with similar visible space to a 5-inch phone. The display resolution of the phone is 1440x1440 pixels; it also carries a pixel density of 453PPI. It includes the other features like 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage plus expandable storage via micro SD card up to 64GB. The mobile also includes 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.

John Chen, chief executive of the Canadian based manufacturing company does not reveal the exact date of the release of the gadget in other countries. BlackBerry's Passport mobile is likely to launch in the UK, Canada and Dubai, as launch events had been already completed in these countries.  John Chen also stated that the price tag will be $799; his company has lowered the price to impress the customers.

Apple's latest iPhone 6 handset price starts at $649, while the iPhone 6 Plus price is $749 - these gadgets will get on two-year contract. Prices of Apple's latest iPhone 6 mobiles begin at $649,  iPhone 6 Plus costs $749



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