Shawn Craig of Phillips, Craig & Dean Shares Christmas Memories and Traditions


Phillips, Craig & Dean
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Phillips, Craig & Dean (2012)

Since 1991, fans have been worshiping to the music of Phillips, Craig & Dean. Shawn Craig, also the Lead Pastor of Crosspoint Church in St. Louis, Missouri, shares some of his favorite things about Christmas in this Hallels exclusive.


Q - What is your most cherished Christmas memory?

Treasure hunts – the last gift was hidden and you had to find it with clues.

Q - What are your favorites...

 Christmas carol? "Oh Holy Night"

 Christmas TV special and/or movie? It’s a Wonderful Life

 Christmas goodie? Peanut butter fudge

Q -  What is the best Christmas gift you ever received?

Nothing stands out—I’m not a real “gift” person…not my love language.

Q - What, if any, holiday traditions did you uphold growing up or now with your own family?

The tradition of each member picking out their ornament to put on the tree and why they choose it

Q - If the birth of Christ was now - in our lifetimes - and you followed the star, what gift would you bring?

An original song

Q - What is the one Christmas carol that you would like to able to sing year-round?

"Holy Night" or "Joy to the World"

Q - What does a typical Christmas morning look like in your home?

A big breakfast with everyone sharing responsibility.

Q- What is your favorite goodie on the Christmas dinner table?

This yummy Butternut Squash casserole thingy with walnuts.

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