Casey Darnell, North Point Music Worship Leader, Shares Christmas


Casey Darnell, North Point Music Worship Leader, husband and dad shares Christmas memories and traditions.

Kim - If the birth of Christ was now - in our lifetimes - and you followed the star, how would you get there and what gift would you bring?

Casey - I would drive my mini-van first of all as opposed to a camel... and having a baby currently, I'd bring diapers, wipes and a baby Bjorn just for practicality sake, cause let's be honest, as parents we all know it's the simple things that are the best gifts. But seriously, as a means of showing worth and honor, a blanket my wife made that means a lot to us. And I'd prob leave the minivan there too!

Kim - What is the one Christmas carol that you would like to able to sing year-round?

Casey - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." It brings such a sweet spirit with it.

Kim - What has been your most frustrating/funniest "some assembly required" moment?

Casey - Paying $50 for a Disney toy on eBay that normally costs $12 but you waited too long to buy it is always frustrating. However, regarding "assembly required"... One year I made my sister a doll house but super late in the game. I realized I super-glued the floor in upside down, thus throwing off the whole set-up of the home, making it nearly impossible.... after investing DAYS into it!

Kim - Describe a typical Christmas morning at your home.

Casey - Our mornings these days with my wife and 2 daughters are much like how it was when I was growing up. We wait for the Christmas morning BIG REVEAL!!! We lay out some of the gifts, open those, then go have a MASSIVE breakfast with all our favorites, and return to the tree, bellies full and open the rest of the gifts. Many years we go see a movie together, seeing how everything is closed.

Kim - What is your favorite goodie on the Christmas dinner table?

Casey - My favorite food we make together is often some version of sweet potato pancakes!

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