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Phillips, Craig & Dean
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Phillips, Craig & Dean (2012)

Since 1991, fans have been worshiping to the music of Phillips, Craig & Dean. Randy Phillips shares some of his favorite things about Christmas in this Hallels exclusive.


Kim - What is your most cherished Christmas memory?

Randy - Driving with my parents every year from Texas to Louisiana at night and arriving at my grandparents house early in the morning. I'd make a pallet in the floorboard of the backseat and sleep until we arrived in Louisiana at around 1am. They'd have parched peanuts, homemade divinity, egg nog, and that metallic silver Christmas tree with the rotating 4-color light … red, green, blue, yellow.

Kim - What are your favorites?...

Christmas carol? "O Santissima"
Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life
Christmas goodie? Gumbo, Wanda's Turkey & Gravy, Sweet Potato Crunch

Kim - What is the best Christmas gift you ever received?

Randy - A car for my high school senior birthday

Kim - What, if any, holiday traditions do you uphold from your childhood now that you're an adult?

Randy - We all get new pajamas on Christmas Eve and gather around the fireplace where we open one gift. We leave cookies and milk out for Santa (which I eat) then open presents the next day. After presents we have a traditional Christmas dinner where we read the Luke 2 Christmas story and sing.

Kim - If the birth of Christ was now - in our lifetimes - and you followed the star, what gift would you bring?

Randy - A Mac Air computer

Kim - What is the one Christmas carol that you would like to able to sing year-round?

Randy - "O Santissama"

Kim - Will you share your most frustrating/funniest "some assembly required" moment?

Randy - Denise bought me an attic stair for our garage. I tore off the paper… tore off the cardboard… proceeded to tear off the plywood from the wooden stairs. When I put it up in the stairwell to nail together… it had no cover. Just wooden stairs with a big square open hole.

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