Kate Middleton: Legal Action Against Photographer Who Follows Prince George

 Prince George
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Kate Middleton: Legal Action Against Photographer Who Follows Prince George

Duchess of Camebridge News: Latest Updates, Rumors, Scandal, New Baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William decide to take action against a photographer who follows the Prince George. The royal couple released a statement saying that Bucking palace takes steps to keep their son safe from a photographer's harassment; he aggressively follows their son George. On last July, Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to their royal baby prince George and waiting for second baby. James Roscoe, spokesperson to the Buckingham Palace published a statement via Today, which claims that they are following some steps to keep their son safe.  

"The Duke and Duchess have taken legal steps to ask that an individual ceases harassing and following both Prince George and his nanny as they go about their ordinary daily lives," the statement says, Independent reports.

"The Duke and Duchess understand the particular public role that Prince George will one day inherit but while he is young, he must be permitted to lead as ordinary a life as possible"

"No parent would tolerate the suspicion of someone pursuing and harassing their child and carer whilst their child is playing in a public park or going about their daily activities." The statement continues. Roscoe also reported that the man follows Prince George and his nanny where ever they go and he was last seen at a London, UK, and park last week.

The couple already announced that they were waiting for their second child. From the first pregnancy she has been suffering with nausea. The morning sickness pressures her to keeps away from many public engagements. The rumors also say that she has been carrying twins. On the basis of this rumor, there are increasing the number of bookmakers and wagers.   

Reportedly says that Kate might be just completing 12-week, gestational period. The supposed mother expected to be taken the first scanning, this will be also known as 'a dating scan.'

 The foetus will be very small, so people are watching how it should be worked out, because. The primary scan mostly will be using to check the heart and growth of the baby. Mother's anxiety to know whether it is single, double or triplets will be ignorable in the first scan.  



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