'Project Ara' Release Date: Google's First Modular Smartphone Takes You to The Next Level! DIY Phone Ship Date For Developers Tipped for July 2015

Project Ara
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'Project Ara' Release Date: Google's First Modular Smartphone Takes You to The Next Level! DIY Phone Ship Date For Developers Tipped for July 2015

Finally! Google's first smartphone has a structural frame. According to Christian Post, the feature of the first modular smartphone allows users to swap out storage, camera, and put personalized phone in a whole new level.

Additionally, this is Google's game-changer smartphone and the concept was first introduced at the first Ara Developers Conference in Mountain View, California, in April of 2014.

The device is in a sporting gray structural frame, which looks a blank slate. This design is created to allow users to be creative and customize their own devices, according to their desire.

The prototype version of "Project Ara", which will be using a modified version of Android L, will allow the individual components, or modules to be swappable, even if the user will not turn the device off.

Based on CNET report, the first modular phone, created by Google, costs $50 on the first month it will be sold. The publication shared the statement of the Ara phones developer, Paul Eremenko during the day of Google's announcement of "Project Ara" release date, which reads,

"It's true that Android does not support dynamic hardware today," he said.

"The good news is that we're Google," he added, making the crowd laughed in that event.

As per BGR report, it mentioned that Google has also released a Modular Development Kit or MDK and this module features the variable endoskeletons. The source also mentioned Eremenko saying, "It's called the Gray Phone because it's meant to be drab gray to get people to customize it," during the announcement.

Here's a full Interview of Paul Eremenko about "Project Ara":

On the closing report of BGR, the publication said, as much as possible, Google wants "as hands-off as possible" once the base has launched. By April 2015, Eremenko said he'll be done with Ara, and It's up to third-party developers and manufacturers to design the components. The role of Google after the launching is to support the ecosystem (application).

Meanwhile, Forbes reported that Google has plans to send out the dev boards, after the first round of applications will be closed on July 17, 2015. However, only one application per company will be allowed. Additionally, the second round of applications will begin on July 18, 2015 and will be closed on August 17th.

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