Mariah Carey’s Reaction in Tokyo Show Due to Poor Vocals

Mariah Carey’s Reaction in Tokyo Show Due to Poor Vocals

Mariah Carey's Reaction in Tokyo Show Due to Poor Vocals

Mariah Carey, the pop diva, struggled to hit some of her known high notes during her concert tour in Tokyo. Unfortunately, things did not exactly go as planned.

Many concertgoers ripped the legend of pop music when she struggled to get through some of her popular hit songs like Vision of Love, which is her Grammy winning single. Some people posted videos from the Elusive Chanteuse World Tour on Instagram and most of the comments bordered on rude and sarcastic.

In a video, the pop diva appears to have trouble hitting her signature high notes. In fact, some also said that her voice cracks. She also stopped singing the song and starts to rap her song's lyrics. Due to this, fans blasted the performance of Carey and wrote several comments about what happened.

There are users who tweeted that Mariah Carey really cannot sing anymore and her songs were hard to listen or enjoy. Some also said that what happened in the concert tour may be the reason why Mariah Carey never sings on a live show anymore. They also added that she should have bowed out right to save herself from the embarrassment. Other than her voice, the hitmaker also struggle with her mic when she started singing We Belong Together with a butterfly decal that can be detached from the mic.

"This is beyond disappointing," and "This is like watching a bird with a broken wing trying to fly," some of the comments read.

Some concertgoers also stated that she attempted to continue uninterrupted with her song. But even though she struggled, there are still fans who enjoyed the concert and praise Mariah Carey as one of the best music legends in today's industry.

Her disaster of a concert can be because of her currently messy personal life. The performance of Mariah Carey comes just a few weeks after her split from Nick Cannon, her husband, whom she married in year 2008. She has 3-year old twins named Monroe and Moroccan.

"Guys, I know she didn't sound that good, but let's not forget that she just [split from] Nick," one fan defended her on YouTube. "She must have had a hard time."

Mariah Carey is still on tour through for the month of October, before heading to New Zealand and Australia.


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