Garth Brooks Ignites the Dreams of Working People with New Album "Man Against the Machine"

Garth Brooks

Come November 11, country superstar Garth Brooks will be releasing his most inspirational album to date entitled "Man Against Machine."  Brooks' ninth studio album is set to release digitally at GhostTunes.  

Brooks explains the reasoning behind the album's titular. "Music has always been a reflection of where mankind is at the time," he says. "For 14 years, I have watched heart and soul, dreams and individualism, fighting for their very existence in a world of increasing technology. This album is a reminder to all those who dream, work, and fight for what they believe; do not give up your vision."

The country icon has himself taken on the "machine" in recent years, refusing to turn his music over to iTunes or participate in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. He keeps it real with old-school ways of sharing news; good old-fashioned press conferences and an email newsletter have served as Brooks' favored modes of communication.

The album is already preceded by the inspirational single 'People Loving People' where Brooks sings: "It's people loving people / That's the enemy of everything that's evil / Ain't no quick fix at the end of a needle / It's just people loving people," Brooks says at the chorus. The easy-to-embrace anthem may not be what fans were expecting from such a legendary storyteller, but it's true to the message this singer has been preaching for years.

The other new song that Brooks has detailed is 'Send 'Em on Down the Road,' written by Marc Beeson and Allen Shamblin.  It's a ballad about raising kids. "You can't cry for 'em / Live and die for 'em / You can help them find their wings but you can't fly for 'em / 'Cause if they're not free to fall, than they're not free at all / And though you just can't bare the thought of letting go / You pick 'em up / You dust 'em off / And send 'em on down the road," he sings. 

'Man Against Machine' is his first studio album of new material since 'Scarecrow' (2001), although he did release four new songs in 2007 and a cover project in 2013. 'More Than a Memory' is his biggest hit from this time of retirement, but even though it became the first country song to ever debut at No. 1 on airplay charts, it isn't the hit others like 'Friends in Low Places' and 'The Dance' became.






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