'Captain America 3' Spoilers: Russo Brothers On Crossing Over Of Different Characters

Captain America 3
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'Captain America 3' Spoilers: Russo Brothers On Crossing Over Of Different Characters

It was reported that “Captain America” would took place after the sucessfull movie event of “The Avengers:Age of Ultron”. The third installment of “Captain America” had something to do with a friendly neighborhood hero who came all the way from New York.

As per KPopstarz report, they have cited the directors of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", directors Joe and Anthony Russo. They were talking with the Cinema Blend and they have hinted that anything could possibly took place in the upcoming film.

Joe also explained that when he started collecting ideas and details of the movie, “The Secret Wars” was one of his first ever books. He would loved to see something that would be joined together as one. But, he does not thought of this that would become possible. Joe also pointed out that he would loved to witnessed a lot of characters in one perfect scene.

His statement gone a lot of rumors and speculations. the hopes of crossing over of characters from Marvel Universe. But, unfortunately, International Business Times signified that it might not going to happen because of some business grounds.

Major heroes of Marvel Universe were featured in “The Secret Wars”. This includes Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and their own alter ego. They were transported to a miles-away planet where they fought a lot of villains in a fictional set. On the second franchise was Black Widow as played by Scarlett Johansson. With that, the Russo brothers were suspected that they have already joined the cast on the screenplay.

Marvel characters were distributed in different Hollywood Studios, where Spider Man was under Sony, X-Men and Fantastic Four go with Fox. Marvel also claimed as the proprietorship of Avengers.

Even so, if these studios would talk and made a deal, fans would be happy to see the crossover they were longing for. If so, it will be a blockbuster movie event of the year.

Captain America 3 will revolve around Steve Rogers who are in search for Bucky. The said movie was scheduled to premiere on the 6th day of May 2016.

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