'Duck Dynasty' Replacement Series in the Works After Season 5 Premiere Ratings Slip?

Duck Dynasty
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'Duck Dynasty' Replacement Series in the Works After Season 5 Premiere Ratings Slip?

Is the reign of Duck Dynasty finally coming to an end?

Season 5 of the popular redneck "reality" show premiered Wednesday night to what most shows would consider a whopping 6.65 million viewers. On Duck Dynasty standards it may be cause for concern.

Compared to the 12 million viewers who tuned in to see Phil Robertson and Miss Kay renew their vows in the Season 4 premiere, the ratings hit could be a direct result of the Robertson family patriarch's recent GQ magazine controversy.

In December, the eldest Robertson made headlines by saying controversial remarks about homosexuality and African-Americans causing the network to briefly suspend him from the show.

While the slip in ratings may not be a direct result of the scandal, some believe A&E is developing a new show to cater to an obvious demand for faith-based programming.

"Perhaps they feel that they can get an even broader cross-section by maybe taking a different approach or focusing on a family from a different part of the country, or a different kind of family dynamic," said Melissa Henson, director for the Parents Television Council in an interview with FOX411.

"Actually, it would be interesting to see A&E do something like 'Faith Swap,' a reality show where two congregations switch their preachers- or leaders- for one week," says Joyce S. Dubensky, of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding. "The congregations could be of any background: Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, etc. It could make for pretty entertaining- and hopefully, enlightening- viewing."

A&E has yet to comment on any new shows currently in development. 

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