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David Phelps, a popular part of the Gaither Vocal Band and a gifted solo performer, was born David Norris Phelps on October 21, 1969 in Texas.

The tenor for the Gaither Vocal Band since 1997, Phelps has released 11 solo projects.

Married to Lori Purtle, the couple are parents to four kids - Callie, Maggie Beth, Grant and Cob.

David Phelps Notable Quotes:

  • - "As a culture, both churched and unchurched, we carry around so many ideas of who Jesus is that are not true. We relate Christ to the idea of being judged or compared against an impossible standard. I want people to hear about a God who isn't standing there with His finger in their faces, but is simply there with His arms open wide saying, 'I just want to know you. Come to me, and I'll help you through this journey.'"

  • - "I’ve kind of made a career out of really trying to pull emotion out of songs and try to translate that to every person in the audience out there, so when I am lucky enough to find a piece like that it is just incredible." (from an interview with broadwayworld.com)

David Phelps Trivia

  • - David graduated from Baylor University, in 1992 with a degree in music and vocal performance. While he was a student there, he directed the Baylor Religious Hour Choir.

  • - He was the youngest winner of Christian Music's "Seminar In The Rockies" Competition.

Solo Discography:

  • - Classic, 2012
  • - David Phelps: Family Band, 2010
  • - The Voice, 2008
  • - O Holy Night, 2008
  • - No More Night: David Phelps Live in Birmingham, 2007
  • - One Wintry Night: A David Phelps Christmas, 2007
  • - Legacy of Love: David Phelps Live, 2006
  • - Life is a Church, 2005
  • - Revelation, 2004
  • - David Phelps, 2001
  • - Joy, Joy, 2000

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