Moto 360

Moto 360 gets 4.4W.2 Update: New Features - Lighting Detection, Smart Battery Saving, Automatic Synchronization!

Oct 27, 2014

The smartphone manufacturer has extended Android wear option by their latest releases. Motorola has stepped in the arena too aside from its Moto G and Moto X series smartphones. The smart watch from Motorola platform Moto 360 has managed to catch the eye of tech enthusiasts for the time being with extraordinary performance. Recently its software update 4.4W.2 has made this smart watch more popular with the latest features.

sons of anarchy

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7, Episode 8 News, Updates and Spoilers : "SOA" Last Few Episodes are Marked by Bloodshed and Mayhem!

Oct 27, 2014

Bloodshed. Fury. Mayhem. These are just a few words that best describe the last few episodes of "Sons of Anarchy". SOA followers should not miss any of the remaining episodes because the truth will finally be revealed. Jax, the leader of SAMCRO, will have to make crucial decisions. Here are some of them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS. Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Features, Specs, Hardware: A Comprehensive Comparison and Review

Oct 27, 2014

Largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung has provided the ultimate solution from low budget to high-end smartphones. After the controversial Galaxy Alpha series, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Note Edge but surprise list may expand as the company is going through the remake of S series smartphone with Galaxy S5 Plus and Galaxy S6.

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs: Microsoft Confirms Surface Pro 4 Production in a Blog Post

Oct 27, 2014

The future of the Microsoft Surface Pro series was rumored to end with the Surface Pro 3. Rumors pledged like fire for last few months that Microsoft will no longer release the Surface Pro version again but seems like all the speculation concludes to an alternate ending. In a recent post in the Microsoft's official blog, the organizers indicated that the Surface Pro series would return again.

State of Affairs

'State of Affairs' - New Drama Series from NBC News, Cast, Story-line, Updates, Release Date and Spoilers: Katherine Heigl Shines in her Role as Charleston Tucker!

Oct 27, 2014

The most powerful "man" in the world is a woman! The new series of NBC is all about two women who will change the world.

Game of Thrones Season 5

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Spoilers, News, Release Date, Review, Premiere and Updates: Foreseen Flashbacks and Changes!

Oct 27, 2014

Let the "Game of Thrones" begin! GOT followers are excitedly waiting for the new season of "Game of Thrones," a season fanatics shouldn't miss! A lot of changes will happen; a lot of new characters will appear. So, hold your horses and let us have a peek in the newest season.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Features, Specs, Latest News, Display and Storage: Comprehensive Review, Comparison

Oct 25, 2014

Laptop world has been adorned with advanced tech innovations and big names like The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 rivals in the competition. Ease of use and portability comes handy, so they are getting popularity as laplets the dual combination of laptop and tablets.

Nokia Lumia 830 vs HTC Desire 820

Nokia Lumia 830 Vs. HTC Desire 820 Features, Specs, Display, Price and Latest News: A Comprehensive Comparison and Review

Oct 25, 2014

Android smartphones has been ruling the market for long with most gadgets where Windows smartphones has also adapt well with advanced models. Having Microsoft behind Windows phones are getting smarter where Lumia series has been a regular contributor. Let's have review on two different operating system based mid-range smartphone Nokia Lumia 830 and HTC Desire 820.

HTC One M8

Nokia Lumia 735 VS. HTC One M8 Features, Specs, Display, Battery Life and Latest News: A Comprehensive Comparison and Review

Oct 25, 2014

A great battle has started between the Nokia and the HTC with their two smart gadget Nokia Lumia 735 and HTC One M8. They acquire almost similar rating and popularity from the user according to GSMARENA rating posts. Now let's have a review on this two current device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Sony Xperia Z3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Features, Specs, Display, Battery Life: A Comprehensive Comparison and Review

Oct 25, 2014

Two high-end smartphone from Sony and Samsung will compete against each other with their latest smartphones where Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus mesmerize. The dazzling devices offer most advanced technology with strong specification. Let's have quick review of both the devices.

criminal minds

'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Episode 5 'Boxed In' Latest News, Updates, Spoilers: Halloween Treat From Thomas Gibson

Oct 25, 2014

Trick or Treat "Criminal Minds" Style! Celebrating Halloween with the BAU team could be an unforgettable experience. Followers of "Criminal Minds" will surely find episode five a big 'TREAT'. The plotline is exciting and intriguing, but best of all the latest episode is under the directorship of Thomas Gibson. Gibson plays Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner in the series.

revenge season 4

'Revenge' Season 4 Episode 5 Latest News, Updates and Spoilers: 'Repercussions'; Will Emily Finally Let Go?

Oct 25, 2014

Payback is sweet, but finding out the truth is sweeter. Will Emily Clarke finally let go? Emily grew up with hate in her heart, scheming against people who destroyed her wonderful life when they 'killed' her father. But Emily (Emily VanCamp) found out something that might reverse all that - her father is alive.

CSI Season 15

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' Season 15 Latest News, Updates and Spoilers: 'Girls Gone Wilder' Episode 4, Season 15 Down to 18 Episodes

Oct 25, 2014

Mass Shooting for Reel this time. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" - Season 15 episode five 'Girls Gone Wilder' would make viewers talk about real shooting happening around the globe. Scary and real- mass shooting - that's the topic the "CSI" team will tackle in their newest episode.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus VS. HTC One M8 Features, Specs, Latest News, Updates: A Comprehensive Comparison and Review

Oct 24, 2014

Korean tech giant Samsung once again hits the headlines with their widely popular S5 extension Galaxy S5 Plus. The S titled phones has been the most successful smartphone series from Samsung but it will not be easy task for Samsung to grab the market where iPhone 6, DROID Turbo, Nexus, HTC One M8 are the competitors on the race. The strong smartphone plotlines are providing their best-advanced technology to attract the tech enthusiasts. Let's have a quick review on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus and HTC One M8.

Samsung Galaxy Nook 4

Samsung Galaxy Nook 4 10.1 Release Date, Price, Latest News, Updates, Features, Specs: Introductory Price of $300

Oct 24, 2014

Barnes and Noble (B&N) collaborated with Samsung previously and their joint venation led to Galaxy Tablet 4 Nook which was released in August this year. The previous model was 7-inch while the Nook series tab returns again from Samsung platform with larger 10.1-inch display.