Cuban-Puerto Rican Actress Ana Coto: ‘Ouija’ Has Many Latinas Like Bianca Santos

Ana Coto
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Cuban-Puerto Rican Actress Ana Coto: 'Ouija' Has Many Latinas Like Bianca Santos

"Make sure you go and support Hispanics in horror movies," said Ana Coto, who thinks "Ouija" has such cultural relevance.

"Being Latina, please don't let me have slaved away and been so scared in this movie for nothing," Coto laughed during an interview with Latina. "Absolutely go and support!"

While both of her parents are Cuban, Coto was born in Puerto Rico but was raised in Miami.

According to Coto, there are a lot of Latinas in "Ouija" like her and Bianca Santos and they are lucky enough to be representing the Latino community.

"It's kind of like an Easter egg that we're Latina because there's not a point made in the film to identify us as that, but that's absolutely what we are, so I think that was really cool. It was so fun to have like a 'comadre,' you know?" Coto said.

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Having played the actual Ouija board game when she was in high school, Coto plays a character in "Ouija" named Sarah, the 16-year-old younger sister of Laine played by Olivia Cooke.

Rebellious and disobedient against authority, Sarah gets "tricked and forced into playing this Ouija game because her older sister doesn't want her to stay home alone," Coto explained.

During the interview, Coto was coincidentally wearing a bra with an azabache pinned to it, which was given by her grandmother.

"You're supposed to pin them on the back or like wear them on a chain like under your clothing, or the azabache goes on like a clasp on the back part of the chain. It's meant to keep you safe, to prevent 'el mal de ojo,' and to keep away evil spirits," Coto explained.

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Born in October, Coto said she does love Halloween and one of her traditions during the festivity is to eat all the candies she can possibly get her hands on.

Meanwhile, her co-star Santos said horror, as a movie genre, is about "being in the imagination and creating."

"You have to be living in the world of imagination to bring that to life and make that suspenseful. It's really fun, actually, I had so much fun," Santos explained during an interview with Latin Post.



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