Miranda Lambert Releases Her Most Spiritual Song "Another Sunday in the South" (Watch Video Here)

Miranda Lambert
(Photo : Miranda Lambert)

Following in the footsteps of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert has released her most spiritual song yet with 'Another Sunday in the South."  The song speaks about going to church and praising the Lord on a Sunday. Here are some of the words: 

There's church bells ringin'
Down the road and we ain't goin'
I'm singin' Hallelujah right here
with the warm wind blowin'
Next to you, Sitting next to me
and we're shaking that sugar tree

Just another Sunday in the South
Wanna put on some Shenandoah
and crank it loud
All you gotta do is give me that wink
Man, this ain't no thinkin' thing
Just another Sunday in the South 

Also, of intrigue is the song's references to country songs from the 90s, including hit songs by Shenandoah.  But the connection with Shenandoah is even deeper.  Lead singer of Shenandoah Marty Raybon recalls receiving a call from Miranda's producer, Frank Liddell.

"All of a sudden, he gets word to another of my friends who emailed me, who would have had no idea about the first message. So I thought, 'If this is a joke, I'll fall for it.' The next thing you know, we're talking and he says, 'I'll send you the tune. To be honest, it kind of pays homage to Shenandoah.' I hear the track, which Miranda had already put her vocal on, and for the first time, I thought they were serious. I called him back, and said, 'This is really cool. Is this really going on Miranda's record? He said it was, and I asked him what he wanted me to do. So I came up to Nashville and we played with it."

The song, "Another Sunday In the South," would end up as the closing track on Lambert's CMA-winning album Platinum. Raybon's vocals can be heard loud and clear on the track, a tribute to '80s and '90s country. He jokes that it still takes a little bit of getting used to.






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