Kanye West Almost Dominates The Entire Gospel Songs Chart This Week

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Hip hop rapper Kanye West sets music history as he almost dominates the entire Billboard Gospel Songs chart this week.  West's music, some released under his real name and some shared under the moniker Sunday Service Choir, occupies 20 of the 25 available positions on the Hot Gospel Songs chart this week. This is a fleet no one else had had ever achieved in the history of the chart!

Many of the songs featured on West's Jesus Is King album appear first, with seven tracks from the set taking up space inside the top 10. Newer pieces of music, which are present on Jesus Is Born, the debut Sunday Service Choir album (which was released on Jesus' birthday, Christmas), come later, with most debuting below the uppermost tier on the tally. 

Here is a look at all of Kanye West's placements on the current Hot Gospel Songs chart. 

No. 1 - Kanye West - "Follow God"

No. 2 - Kanye West - "Closed on Sunday"

No. 4 - Kanye West - "Use This Gospel (ft. Kenny G and Clipse)"

No. 5 - Kanye West - "Selah"

No. 6 - Kanye West - "On God"

No. 7 - Kanye West - "Everything We Need (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons)"

No. 8 - Kanye West - "God Is"

No. 10 - Sunday Service Choir - "Father Stretch"

No. 11 - Sunday Service Choir - "Ultralight Beam"

No. 13 - Kanye West - "Every Hour (ft. Sunday Service Choir)"

No. 14 - Kanye West - "Water (ft. Ant Clemons)"

No. 15 - Sunday Service Choir - "Rain"

No. 16 - Sunday Service Choir - "Count Your Blessings"

No. 17 - Sunday Service Choir - "Revelations 19:1"

No. 18 - Kanye West - "Hands On (ft. Fred Hammond)"

No. 20 - Sunday Service Choir - "Excellent"

No. 21 - Kanye West - "Jesus Is Lord"

No. 22 - Sunday Service Choir - "Follow Me - Faith"

No. 24 - Sunday Service Choir - "Lift Up Your Voices"

No. 25 - Sunday Service Choir - "More Than Anything"

West's conquest of the Gospel charts began at the end of October, 2019, when he released Jesus Is King. On the charts, the album became the first to ever top the Billboard 200, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Top Rap Albums, Top Christian Albums and Top Gospel Albums at the same time. On December 25, 2019, Kanye released a sort of a prequel album to Jesus is King called Jesus is Born on Jesus' "birthday" and this is also part of his gospel Sunday Service. It has 19 songs, of which includes a cover of West's own song "Ultralight Beam" 



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