LeAnn Rimes Releases "One Christmas: Chapter 1" on Oct. 28

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Country superstar LeAnn Rimes is set to release her Christmas EP "One Christmas: Chapter 1" on October 28.  Consisting of only 6 songs, this is the first EP of three Rimes will be releasing over the next three years.  The approach of this Christmas EP is more soulful and organic compared to her former holiday release "What a Wonderful World." 

"I made a Christmas record a long time ago, and this time," Rimes writes, "I decided I wanted to spread it out over three years so I didn't have to stop making Christmas music. We had so much fun making this first EP. I tried to play around with it as far as things you don't typically hear me do. A lot of the vocals sound very live, and it's just a really cool piece of music. It's very exclectic. It has a lot of soul, and it sounds really organic." 

"Christmas: Chapter 1" is the second release from Rimes this year, after she released her dance remix project "Dance Like You Don't Give A..." The forthcoming EP will include 6 songs, made up of both classics (and more unconventional seasonal offerings) including "Silent Night" and "Carol of the Bells."

One Christmas: Chapter 1

1. Silent Night Holy Night
2. I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas
3. Blue Christmas
4. Someday at Christmas
5. Hard Candy Christmas
6. Carol of the Bells





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