Pressing Issues On 'Vampire Diaries' Season 6: Recaps And Spoilers

the vaampire diaries season 6 updates

Pressing Issues On 'Vampire Diaries' Season 6: Recaps And Spoilers

The "Vampire Diaries" season 6 just began a few weeks ago and excited fans all over the world have been trying to get as much information as they can on what's going to happen next. So far, there have been 3 episodes that have been released. So, what are pressing issues of the series' latest season?

TV Line reports that Caroline Dries, the executive producer of "Vampire Diaries," revealed more on what is bound to happen in the world's most watched vampire show.  Dries said that fans will see more of Bonnie and Damon in the coming episodes. Like where Damon and Bonnie hangs out. The duo will find out about it the same time the viewers do. There will be more of the flashbacks of the 1990s too, and these flashbacks will make the storylines even more interesting. 

Elena is still quite overwhelmed over the death of Damon, which she thinks will last for eternity.  Elena also decided to go to vamp Alaric to ask him to help her forget that she became romantically inclined with the elder Salvatore.  Alaric is still unsure of what to do since Damon is a dear friend to him.  Let's find out more on what Alaric will do on the next episodes. 

Meanwhile, in some reports of the Wetpaint online publication, more on Stefan, Sarah, Kai, and Enzo's role in the "Vampire Diaries" season 6 will be revealed. 

Stefan was teaming up with Tripp lately and they plan to take Enzo out. Tripp's Vampire Cleanup Campaign is something that interests Stefan and he made a revelation about him being from the Founding Families. Is Stefan's intention genuine enough?

Sarah, apparently, is capable of recalling everything that happened to her.  She can clearly remember her being at Elena's fangs, Caroline's compulsion, and also Matt's betrayal. Her ability to do so might not be very good thing because she has become too fond of Jeremy. 

Kai, the person who might just be capable of committing murder, still remains mysterious.  Where did he come from and how long will he be around around?

The efforts made to kill Enzo will most likely be unsuccessful.  But if Caroline will come to his aid, we still have to know.    

Tune in every Thursday at 8:00 pm on CW to find out what will happen next.



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