Gay Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf In ‘Fury’: Critics; David Ayer On Bromance Rumor: ‘It’s Interesting’

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Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf Gay Couple In 'Fury': Critics; David Ayer On Bromance Rumor: 'It's Interesting'

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf's characters in "Fury" appear to be a gay couple, according to critics.

While not directly shown, some critics point out that the World War II film that recently topped the weekend box office implied homosexuality as War Daddy (Pitt) and Bible (LaBeouf) seemed to be more than just friends.

One of the critics who took to Twitter to explain this claim is Matt Patches.  

"Scenes in Fury make me believe Shia and Brad Pitt's characters are romantically involved. Direction, performance, theme -- seems implied," Patches wrote.

It is not uncommon for action movies populated by alpha males to have an element of implied homosexuality, as Cinema Blend noted.

"Fury" director David Ayer recently addressed the alleged bromance or implied homosexuality in the box-office hit movie saying, "It's interesting. It's funny."

"I think it's the disconnect between the civilian world and the military world," Ayer told ScreenCrush. "You see that in the service. You see that on line units, you see that in the world of combat arms."

Ayer added, "You see that in a world where guys who laid down their lives for each other and that's that thing: closer than brothers. The brotherhood and all that stuff. People don't fucking get it unless they've lived it. So, for guys in the service, it's like, 'I know what that is.'"

The director emphasized that "Fury" is totally asexual and it is really that closeness and the bonds of combat that make the characters War Daddy and Bible appear to be a gay couple.

On the other hand, Pitt himself is an LGBT community advocate.

Years ago, the 50-year-old actor vowed he would not get married unless it was legal for gay couples to legally get married in the country, as well, pointing out that it was a no-brainer to him as the basis of the United States is equality for everyone.

However, he recently got married to the Angelina Jolie in a private ceremony.

In the November issue of British GQ, the "Fury" actor said that marriage is not just a title because there is "more to it than that."



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