Story Behind Chris Tomlin's New Song "Is He Worthy?"

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GRAMMY® Award-Winning Artist Chris Tomlin has announced the release of a brand new single from his upcoming worship album, Holy Roar, which will be available on October 26.  "Is He Worthy?" follows up on the single, "Resurrection Power," and the EP, Nobody Loves Me Like You, which Chris released earlier this year. 

"Is He Worthy?" is written by Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive and the song was first recorded by Peterson earlier this year.  Peterson talks about how the song was written:

"I've been attending a liturgical church for the last several years, and it rings all my word-nerd bells. The language is so beautiful and rich, and every service rehearses the story of salvation, culminating in Communion. One of the things I love about it is that the congregants are a part of the service. There's a lot of interaction, not just in the call and response but in the singing and prayer time as well. The word "liturgy" means "the work of the people," so a liturgical service implies community-not just listening to a pastor (though that happens), but edifying one another by reaffirming what we believe again and again. I wanted to write a song that did the same. Revelation 5 contains one of the most beautiful and dramatic scenes in scripture, and is centered around the question, "Is anyone worthy?" The resounding answer is, "Yes! And his name is Jesus.""

Pre-order Holy Roar today on iTunes and you'll have instant access to download "Nobody Loves Me Like You," "Satisfied," "Goodness, Love, and Mercy," "Impact," "Resurrection Power," and "Is He Worthy?"  



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